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Roof Maintenance

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Roof maintenance is a very important aspect of the longevity of your roof that is often ignored.  A well-maintained roof can provide years of service assuring you receive the best value for your roofing dollar.  On the other hand, a poorly maintained roof can shorten the life expectancy significantly, costing you thousands of dollars unnecessarily.  


To properly maintain your roof:

  • Perform a detailed inspection at least once a year.  This includes attic inspections where applicable. (Some roofs require more frequent inspections)  This should only be done if you can safely access your roof, if not call a professional.
  • Make sure the roof is clean and free of debris.
  • Make sure the gutters are clean and draining properly.
  • Look for any overhanging limbs, ect. and trim back so they cannot come into contact with the roof.
  • Look for any loose or buckled flashing and properly re-attach.
  • Check caulking at siding and trim boards, re-caulk as needed with high-quality exterior-grade caulk.
  • Make sure all ventilation is in good working order and free of obstruction.
  • Sand and paint any metal pipes or flashing to keep from rusting.
  • Identify any possible future problems and plan appropriately to prevent or deal with them when necessary.