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Repair or Replace

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Are you unsure if your roof is in need of repair or a full replacement?  We offer roofing inspections. We will inspect and provide photos of your roof and let you know of any repair that may be needed. And if no repairs are necessary, you can rest assured knowing your roof is safe and secure.

Don’t wait to get your roof inspected, contact Augusta Residential at 706-993-5911  today before roof damage warning signs begin.

We at Augusta Residential have earned our seamless reputation by building long-lasting relationships based on trust and dedicated commitment to our customers. Our team of roofing inspectors, roofing crews, and office staff work hard for our clients to provide the same level of quality to all of our jobs, ensuring prompt and proper installation of only the highest quality materials. At Augusta Residential, we will advise you honestly on what is needed to restore your roof to fully protect your home, whether it is a repair or a complete replacement.

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Roof Repair

Augus+a Residential Specialists has over two decades of experience in diagnosing and repairing leaks.It is this experience that could possibly save you a lot of money and aggravation when trying to get a leak repaired. Instead of making multiple trips and charging you for every visit, while your interior damage is getting worse every time it rains, Augus+a Residential properly diagnoses the problem and fixes right the first time! And in the unlikely event that we can’t find and stop your leak, we offer a 100% money back guarantee for one-year on most repairs.

Augus+a Residential Specialists doesn’t just stop your leak, we eliminate the problem causing the leak so it won’t spring up again a few months down the road.We have developed leak repair techniques to last as long as the roof itself so you can rest assured your problem is solved permanently.

We have extensive knowledge of all types of roof systems including asphalt shingles, metal roofs, built-up, modified bitumen and single-ply TPO, PVC, EPDM).

If you have a stubborn leak that has been difficult to stop, give Augus+a Residential a try – our track record is the best in the business!

Roof Replacement

Many roofing companies will tell you they can give you the cheapest price in town, but don’t be fooled, the cheapest price is very rarely good quality.  A cheap roof replacement usually consists of low-grade materials installed by inexperienced, un-insured installers.  They commonly use air guns to hide the fact that they can’t even use a hammer and nail efficiently.
A top quality roof replacement consists of the highest-grade materials available and is installed by experienced installers who have years of experience replacing roofs of all types and size. Our crews have extensive knowledge of all types of roofing and the possible issues that may arise during the course of a job and all of our workers are fully insured for your protection. We also have experienced supervisors on-site to maintain communications with the customer at all times to assure all of your concerns are addressed and handled in a professional, timely manner.